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evades.io is an adventure game where you have to go through 30 difficulty levels to win. Throughout the game, the pledge of victory is helping each other!

How to play: In the Invasion and the game task – pass 30 levels. Gradually, the complexity of the levels will increase and the players will need to help each other, as climbers insure each other while climbing. If your character in the game touches the enemy, then you will harden for a while. This is the time of your salvation; If someone touches you before the timer expires, then you can continue the game. If the timer burns out and no one touches you – alas, you have to start from the beginning. As the Invasion progresses, it is important to collect colored dots. This is experience, and for the experience give levels with them pumping points. You can strengthen your basic skills, as well as special abilities of the character. Skills when using spend energy (Energy) – this is a blue bar above your ball. It is gradually recovering. And after passing through the 10th and 20th levels, you will discover new characters with their own special skills. evades.io is a cooperative game. It will be necessary to cooperate with a friend for her passage or already in the course of the matter to be friends with the players in the game. If you see someone in trouble, come to the rescue. For communication, contracts, building tactics and just chatting, there is a chat that is in the upper left corner.

Control: WASD for movement

Figures 1-5 for pumping skills

Z or X for the use of skills

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