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Exocraft io is a super-scale game. You will need to collect energy crystals, rent them for money and build these coolest ships in the galaxy!

How to play:

The main task of Exocraft.io is to collect as many crystals as possible. Everything would be very cute in the spirit, if the most significant deposits with crystals were not protected by mighty defenders. Therefore, development here occurs in stages. At first, you collect unprotected crystals and deposits near the Base. And gradually, by improving your ship and drones, you can go deep into the wild zone to search for rich deposits, destroying the natural resistance of the system. In Exocraft.io, it’s a very affordable learning system that will introduce you in the course of just a couple of minutes to everything you need to know first: how to collect crystals, where to get them, where to buy improvements for the ship and how to buy drones. Understanding these basic things, you can successfully continue to play. Similar systems for shipbuilding are also found in other io games, such as the Galaxy Era. But in the Exocraft.io, you control the ship in real time and you can immediately experience how new engines will affect your ship’s performance.

Control: Press the clique to fly

Click on the mine or defenders to attack the drones

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