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Famine.io is a modern game about tanks. You can even say it’s a tank battle piano! It’s made in the classic Io style, which means: a lot of players, basic rules and the maximum action!

How to play:

The main task in Famine.io is to score as many points as possible. For this, you need to do two simple things. The first is to destroy other tanks and the second – as rarely as possible to die yourself. In the upper right corner, you see the rating of players and our task is to conquer the top of Top. Points are awarded to you for the destruction of other tanks. You may notice that the tanks have different cannons and they shoot differently. Someone queues, someone is single, but quickly, someone very rarely. It does not depend on anything other than a great random house. Randomly, at birth, you get one of several types of guns and with it, you will be before you perish. With a new birth in Famin and you can get the same gun, and maybe another. It makes perfect sense to use each of the tools. The ammunition in the Famine and fly far beyond your visibility. So shoot unceasingly and you will notice that you periodically kill someone. You can also focus on the patrons of other players, which you do not see and just shoot in that direction. Pay attention to your HP, which is written under the name of your tank. Famine.io is a truly classic game. There are no pumping, third-party items, and all the gameplay is focused on destroying other players and avoiding their shells. Good luck in the tank royal battles!


WASD to move
Cursor to aim
Space for shooting

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