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Welcome to the multiplayer game “Feedy.io – Feed Me”, where you can play with gamers from every corner of our planet. Your character will be a bacterium that needs to be fed, so that it grows up and swallows up everyone. The initial mass of your bacteria depends on the chosen mode. In total there are two of them in the game: light mode and FFA – basic mode. Also, in the main menu of the game, you can choose the total number of bacteria, so say the population of your card, and the background of the game. The background can be day, night or just an ordinary map in the style of Agario. In a word, all the conditions for your favorite players. So, when everything is ready, we can proceed. You will swim among the small bright balls. This is your original food for recruiting mass. By the way, mass and glasses, you can see in the upper left corner of the screen. When your bacterium significantly grows you can start up in pursuit of other players. Remember that while you are relatively small, you can move around quickly, but as you grow, the bacteria will move slower. To break another player, you need to choose the right tactic. You have several options: catch up, trap or blow up. To drive the enemy into a trap, you can split up, pin it on both sides and absorb. Also, you can use bombs, but to get this option you need to register through one of the social networks or Google. Then, in the game “Feedy.io – Feed Me” you will be available such functions as: increase in mass, bombs, free gold every day for the first places in the top list and so on. In a word, registration will give you many advantages. Throw out all your business and quickly join the hungry games in the world “Feedy.io – Feed Me”. Good

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