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Game «» – an excellent multiplayer shooter, where there is a hunt for wild animals and competitors. You’ll have to play in the forest more often, in the desert and on the water. Each play area differs not only in color, but also in its inhabitants. As you know, there are a lot of scorpions in the sand, and in the forest you can meet a wild boar, a huge rat or a cowardly hare. But not only ordinary animals are present in the arena. There are even dragons that pose a serious threat.
Killing monsters, you can collect crystals, which will increase the number of points scored and allow you to pump your character to a new level. More powerful weapons give a chance to fight and defeat their enemies. With the transition to the next stage, the character of the hero and his weapons will change. The game “” is performed in the best traditions of popular i-multiplayer. Control the mouse to move, left click to shoot.

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