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Figures Io this is a very simple game for attentiveness. You can compete with casual players or with your friends. The main thing is speed and a bit of cunning.

How to play :

The game goal in is the quickest click on the numbers that fall on the scoreboard. Starting with the number 1 you will reach 70 with more than a couple of minutes. Those players who clicked on the desired figure faster than everyone get prize points. The game is fun and funny, in addition to the noble goal of developing mindfulness and anti-stress effect. There is one technique in the Numbers that will help you. If you have spotted the number 12 and the screen is now 10, then you can look for 10, then 11, but keep the cursor at 12. This will allow you to instantly click on the number 12 when it comes to the queue! In Figures Io you can play with a random player, and you can copy the link to your friends and chop along with them. You’ll see how fun and exciting it is even for adults!

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