Spread the love are endless tanks! You can build, destroy, fight and languish here with each other! The game has no restrictions on rounds and many options for fun.

How to play: The main task in is development. The main options for building, maintaining their pumping and progress will be available after registration. If you liked the game, and it’s cool, then registering makes sense. For example, in order to build a strong base, put a code door on the water and only you and your friends know how to penetrate it without destroying the walls. Attack and construction of items in is for money. You can find them on the map (yellow circles), kill bots and other players. Also you can destroy the bases of other players if you see that there they hid money that they can not already carry with them. The walls have their own margin of safety. , which is written when you attack it. The darker the color, the stronger the wall. With simple calculations you can find out if you need to break a wall, or it will cost you too much. Bots in and are divided in colors by aggressive and not very much. Blue bots at first it is the main source of income. They do not have much health, and on their board they can carry thousands of money. Red bots are armed with missiles and can easily destroy you, and it’s hard to kill them. Beware of them for the time being. A gray bot is a blue bot that has collected more than 10.000 in its wanderings and has now become more aggressive in shooting. But it’s as easy to kill him. And yellow bots with a red cross treat you automatically. If you kill them, then they will drop first aid kits, which can also be taken. And some money. Do not stand too long in one place, otherwise you will disconnect. 2 minutes is the limit. For the fullest information on Fintanku, you can click on the question button in the upper left corner.

Controls: WASD to move

Click for shooting: 1-6 choice of subject

Z, X, C, V, B – to include different menu selection of weapons and construction items

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