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Today, another original i-multiplayer – the game “”, will be added to your collection. Again spinners, which came to replace cages and snakes! And let it has some resemblance to the popular Agario, here there are some nuances. You will not only have to fly over the playing surface, collecting color points to increase the size of your turntable. You can get points and mass from balls of yellow color, and also from your opponents.
And the red obstacles that arise in your path, as well as the boundaries of the arena, take off your points when you collide. You will accelerate, using the accumulated volume. It’s easy and easy to play by controlling the mouse cursor, and clicking to gain speed. The game «» will not leave indifferent all those who want to master the turntable – the best toy of 2017 in the virtual. Call your friends and find out which of you is the smartest and smartest. Have a nice rest. Good luck!

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