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Flagrush.io is a capture flag. Each player is given a space shuttle and either grab a flag and bring it to his base or protect the flag from the invaders. This Shuttle Io is similar to darknova.io

 Flagrush io is original in management, has a modest design, but as whole leaves a pleasant impression.

How to play

The task in Flagrush.io depends on the side of which you are currently playing. Either you will defend the flag from the invaders, or vice versa, you will try to carry it to your base. After the end of the round, the map is reloaded, and players are randomly assigned to the teams again. To capture the flag, you need to stand 10 seconds on a square with a flag icon. Then you need to return to your home. But if you do not help allies on the team, it is unlikely to win. In the Shuttle and the team means a lot. To travel faster in space, it is necessary to collect scattered pieces of rockets with fuel (Booster). The maximum filled booster graph will give you first, the maximum speed of the shuttle, and secondly, the possibility of acceleration. In Flagrush.io, speed is most important.


Spacebar + mouse for movement.

Left mouse click – shoot

Right-click to activate acceleration

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