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The game “Galactic” is a space snake. Now these amusing reptiles conquer the Galaxy, grow and fight among themselves. Unlike the traditional snake, which can only grow and hit an opponent with his body, these characters can shoot. The main task remains the same: to score the maximum number of points and get off to the top. This can be achieved in two ways: eating nutritional points and destroying competitors. After a successful hit with a laser, a mass will be allocated from the enemy, which must be swallowed.

When you manage to cut off the tail of your opponent, it will also serve to grow and increase volumes. You should be extremely careful not to leave the allocated territory. If you crash into a restrictive line, you will inevitably perish. For orientation in space, a mini-map and a radar will be useful, which will show the location of the rest of gamers. The game «Galactic» – a multiplayer, which combined the famous Snake, increasing it to the scale of planets and other celestial bodies. Motion control with the mouse, shooting – left click.

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