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The variety of clones of Agarion amazes imagination. More recently, a new game, “”, has been added to the collection. Here, as well as in the famous predecessor, you will have to manage a ball of a certain color, fighting for survival in an aggressive environment.
Large and smaller balls fly everywhere. And many of them, accompanied by a whole cohort of small bubbles. The food in the form of multi-colored dots, too, abound. Everything looks like a long-familiar game, but it has its own peculiarities. To finally understand all the nuances, it is not necessary to stuff cones, gaining your own experience. You can view the video right here and learn all the subtleties of this game.
The game “” has its top 10 best players. Therefore, if you are eager to establish yourself in this rating, start playing immediately. Share in a lot of small bubbles, and take in the environment of your opponent. He will not have time to blink an eye, as it will be a nutrient substance for your ward. Move quickly and carefully, do not get caught by bigger competitors. Only so you can climb to the top of the table. Good luck and great impressions.

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