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Gembrawl io is a game in the style of the bomberman. And this time it’s not just a game that has been remade for a new platform, but a thorough io game with an original performance!

How to play :

The main task in the Miners is to collect as many red Crystals as possible. Other players who will prevent you from collecting Crystals, you need to bomb mercilessly. Watch your health to replenish it in time with the help of first-aid kits, and the mini-card in the lower left corner will help you to navigate. The red dots on it are crystals. The white dot is you. The green dots are the first-aid kits, and the blue ones are the player’s respawn spots. To put the bomb in Gembrawl io, press the space bar. You can put no more than 3 bombs at a time. As soon as one of them explodes, it returns to you in the “clip”. And if you tighten the gap, then when you release you throw your bomb forward. Be careful, because once you have pressed the spacebar the timer has started to tick and the bomb can jerk in your hands. After in the Miners you took a Crystal or a First Aid Kit, you can see the timer on the place where they were. After this time the object will appear again.

Controls: WASD to move

Spacebar to put the bomb

Clamp the gap and let go to drop the bomb

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