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The new multiplayer, which is useful to all fans of “IO” was called “”. This video application was simultaneously recognizable and original. You are converted into a ball, which has practically no weight, therefore it is difficult to manage it. It’s airy, so take the mouse, and try to drive it around the screen. But there you are not alone – around many other gamers who either do not pay attention to you or turn an ordinary relax to the race.
The gameplay is very simple, the management is pleasant and the characters are funny. These are small and large circles of different colors. They are colorful and bright, so they look cute and do not cause any fear. Very in vain, incidentally, because once you relax, there will be a collision, and the game on this for you will end. However, if you want, you can start anew – it’s not hard, you do not even need to re-enter your data into a special department.
Your main task in “” is easiest – to collect small grains and dodge large objects. The players are signed, so you’ll figure out where other users are, and where the items are, you should not be afraid. Nevertheless, read the rules and attitude of the toy to your needs. You can do this before you go by clicking on the settings icon.
In general, you will like the game, even if video games are not a priority for spending several hours in the company with a computer. It literally drags on – it seems that in the next instant it will be possible to catch luck by the tail and win.

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