Spread the love is a racing simulator with very nice graphics. The game situation will also please those who love racing. You will compete with the records of the races of other players and you yourself can leave a trace that can not be defeated by anyone.

How to play : it’s very simple. You will need to pass circles before the card passes your ghostly opponent. This opponent is a record of one of the races of other players who also played in this card. All the races played here are recorded and at some point you will get a record of your arrival. It follows that there are two problems here. The first is to defeat the opponent, as in any other race. The second is to pass the track so well to be sure that no one will beat your result. Simple control, nice graphics and a good combination of drift and speed will please both fans of racing and just those who like games. We can say that Ghostreis Io is a game worthy of being in any collection of games. The feature of passing the game is that there is no reverse. It happens that if you shove your forehead into the fence, then you hang, you can not get out of the impasse. Therefore, you need to drive very carefully, and in case of a plug-in use the R key, which will return you to the main menu.

Controls: A and D

to rotate Click

for overclocking P

to reload maps

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