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The game “” is a clarification of the relationship between ghosts. Already on the screensaver you can see a nice ghost with a huge number of sharp blades. By assigning a name to your character, go to the arena, and start fighting for leadership. In order to become stronger, collect the multicolored emoticons that are on the playing surface. But you should not relax. All participants in this fight are armed with knives and do not intend to give up their positions. So the battle will be hot. Killing your competitor, you will get even more weapons and increase your health.
To win, you will need to develop your own tactics and strategy of behavior. Using such a feature as a jerk, you can jump out sharply and unexpectedly inflict a fatal blow to your opponent. Whoever strikes first will win. The game “” – a fantastic multiplayer, performed in the style of the Io. It’s easy to play, to understand and get on a decent level will not be difficult. Control the movement with the mouse, left click – throw the sword, right – accelerate.

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