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Lovely monsters, go to the arena of battle. The game “” is a multiplayer that will make you have fun and get away from the pressing problems. Cute chudiki, more like smeshariki or ball-like big-eyed piglets, are quite aggressive. These guys are fighting for life, shooting at the enemy with a laser beam. The main task is to become the biggest and most powerful by defeating your competitors. Every murder gives an experience point. Raising the level, you can update your character.
A good three-dimensional graphics, lots of bots, tough competition for domination are the main features of this game. It’s easy to play. To control use mouse, left click – shot. The game “” is not very original, and monsters resemble heroes from Although this is not surprising, because the developer is the same and sends his little monsters to a completely different virtual environment. Have fun, score points and rise in the top. Successes.

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