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Glap io is a game about the exploration of outer space, and for starters you will need to build the ship itself, because at the very beginning players are given only a small cockpit of the pilot – the core of the future star colossus.

How to play: is a slow game. At this stage of its development, it is possible to single out the main goals: building a ship that is fit for flying and exploring the solar system with a purely sporting interest. The fact is that it is not easy to assemble a large and simultaneously controlled ship for two reasons. The first in – it is important that the ship is symmetrical. Otherwise one of its wings will constantly outweigh the other and you are tortured to correct the trajectory of your flight. Second – while you are building a ship, other players will disturb you. Slam into you, smash your ship into pieces and then immediately pull them out for your needs. So, realizing which ship you need, it makes sense to quickly find components for it, and around their native land there are always a lot of them, and then go to distant planets for research purposes. In addition, on other planets, you can also find star modules.

Controls: Arrow keys to control the starship

Mouse : to drag modules to your ship

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