Spread the love is a game about the war of the gnomes in your dungeon. You are waiting for the fabulous atmosphere of the snow-covered dungeon, versatile weapons and really dangerous confrontation with other players.

How to play: Combat task in Gnomez and this is to fill 15 frags. The account is indicated in the upper right corner, and the one who will first issue 15 kills, he won, after which the round is rebooted. In order to break out into the leaders, you only need to be able to control your character and pick up the first-aid kits that appear on the card. There are no information secrets in this elegant game. Players start with one of four weapons; It is worth trying to get shot by everyone in order to understand which one suits you best. Cartridges are visible under the health graph and are automatically recharged, and their supply is endless. Characters in Gnomese can fly, for which they do not need the expense of any fuel or anything else. Gnomez Io is a very positive toy, which pleases the eye and win in which great pleasure, because it is not easy. After all, murders do not give you anything in terms of strength or vitality. Even when you have 14 frags, you can easily be destroyed by a newly entered person. This is the excitement of the game: the closer you are to the coveted goal, the stronger the heat of passion!

Control: WASD for movement
Click to shoot

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