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Gons.io is an original and fresh shooter. The very name of “gonz” is equivalent to the word “angle”. Triangle, quadrilateral, pentagon, etc. The more you collect the bars in the course of the game, the more “coal” will be your figure. And the more patrons you will have for war with other players!

How to play:
The task in Gons.io is to pump out as much as possible an angular figure. To do this, you need to do two things: collect cards on the card and destroy other players. In this case, every shot you make reduces your figure by one angle. If you were a triangle, you took a bar, then you become a square. If you shoot, you will become a triangle again. In fact, the number of angles is the number of shots that you can make. Also, if you have many angles, then when you hit you only a part of the corners will pass to the opponent, and you will be still alive and can continue the fight. And if the shots of different players meet, then they are annihilating each other. Pay attention to the movement in Gons.io. The figures of the players move only along straight lines, and this allows the shots of different players to meet with each other. As a result, most often the winner is the one who has more patrons. And if the shot did not find its target, then after it is cut into the wall it can be taken again.

Move: on WASD or arrows.
Space :for shooting

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