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The new game “” – an excellent 3D-simulator, where you will have to create your hero and your own world. Before the player opens a giant forest area where, in order to survive, you will need to collect resources, accessible handicrafts, hunt animals and fight with strangers. At the very beginning, a person appears before you, who should not only be given a name, but also make him a unique person.
Next, you can select the simplest weapons, primitive tools, everything that will give an opportunity to live and eat. At the next stage, the game will be much more interesting. Now you can shoot a bird from a bow or other game to cook meat on a fire. All actions take place in stages and look very realistic. Smooth transitions, fantastic graphics are capable of capturing for a long time. Game “” does not require downloading registration. Control: Esc – unlock the cursor, TAB – inventory, WASD – move, left mouse click – attack, right – aim, E – interaction, arrows – change direction

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