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Introducing a new bomb io game from the followers of – the game Gota. Io. This mega cool yoke will captivate you for the next few hours. It’s so hard to break away from it, that for a couple of hours you can get a good experience in the gameplay. In the game “Gota. Io” your character will be a small bacterium that will move around the big map in search of food. But the food will be small multicolored grains, which are scattered throughout the game field. But not only they. As soon as your bacterium gets a little mass and gets stronger, you can open the hunt for other players. You will be able to absorb only those who are smaller than your size, but when you eat rivals, you will significantly increase your mass. In this game you can create alliances. You can choose a smart player and create an alliance with him. Or someone might like your game and you will be offered to unite. Together you can lurk prey and trap it, and then feed each other with your bacteria and dramatically change the mass. But be very careful, because the alliance can be a fraudulent maneuver and after a couple of minutes of team play you just will be dumped by your partner. Carefully follow the same alliances, so as not to become a victim of a duet of rivals. In the game menu, you can switch to one of many servers and transfer to the card with other players. Have a good game!

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