Spread the love is a massive shooter. It will be necessary to fight other players, and for a more successful fight to collect points of mass plus bonuses that appear here and there in the form of shields, mounts and weapons.

How to play:

 In, the battle challenge is to become the strongest and most powerful character in the game. And according to the results of the battle you will be given a report on how many people you hacked during the game and how many points were collected. In order to be stronger, you need to collect colored points of mass. So your blow will be stronger, and you will have more health. Also in, two bonuses are generously scattered: a shield taking on a certain percentage of damage and a horse, which you essentially accelerate. Funny subjects, simple rules and elegant design have already attracted a lot of players from all over the world. You can safely say that, and although similar in mechanics to other games and games, but stands out due to the original and fresh execution.

The character moves behind the cursor

Click for strike

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