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Gunbox io similar to Minecraft + shooter. And you will not only drill the tunnels through the rocks and fight with the enemies. In the map editor for this game, you can create your own card to yourself and your friends for fun!

How to play:

The main task in is to seize the leader’s crown. To do this, you need to grow in level and take as much experience as possible. Experience is obtained from two sources: the destruction of blocks, of which the map consists and the destruction of other players. Also, everywhere you will be attacked by evil and dangerous skulls, they must also be shot. On the map to, it is useful to move around for new weapons and ammunition. Periodically there are pieces of stairs and stone blocks that you can build where you want. – Blocks of this breed contain the maximum amount of experience. More experience in can be obtained only by killing a stronger player. It is important to understand that the blocks are most effectively destroyed by a pickax (number 4)

Controls: WASD to move

Click for shooting

Figures 1-4 to select an active item / weapon

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