Spread the love is a multiplayer and shooter. The game is a bit like, but it’s much simpler and the emphasis is on the battle, not on building the bases.

How to Play:

A gaming challenge in the Hanzero and this is to become the coolest ganzer! It will be necessary to hire soldiers and fight against other armies. You are immediately available to 5 types of soldiers, and the rest you can open for playing gold. You are credited with money for killing a rival’s soldiers and breaking gold trunks. You can hire troops in Gunzer io by clicking on the numbers. In this case, each soldier will cost you a few points, and the game has a limit. After you have been killed or you flew out of the game for other reasons, the points you have accumulated are converted into gold and you can use it the next time you come!

Gunzer io Controls:
WASD to move
Mouse for sight
Click for shooting
Figures to hire soldiers

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