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The new io game “HangMan.pw” is one of the variants of the popular and well-known “Gallows”. It turns out that people like to play it not only in Russia, but also in other countries of the world. Join a multinational team and climb to the top of the rating table. Despite the fact that there is no Russian, but only German and English, you can have fun from the heart.
Words are very simple, and their knowledge does not require a thorough knowledge of foreign languages. Probably, every player knows such catchwords as “boss” or “coffee”. This is the level of the riddles presented. In front of you is an empty row, where all the signs are indicated by an underscore. Select the icon on the virtual keyboard located below. If you guess, then the letter will appear in the right place, and if not, then one of the elements of the construction or the hanged one will be drawn.
The main task is to have time before the figure of the gallows is finished. The game “HangMan.pw” is multi-user, so it’s much more interesting to compete with other gamers than having fun alone. Check yourself and your abilities. Successes.

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