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Hangs.zone is a popular game in all school lessons, the Hangman game. It is necessary to guess the given word. Each incorrectly pressed letter on the keyboard adds to the gallows on which you will hang, one stroke. Hangman is a fun game where you can try your verbal intelligence and knowledge of English. Hangs.zone is anti-stress – fun, worth the time it gave.

How to play:

The task in the Hangs zone is to guess as many words as possible. In the upper left corner, there is the remaining number of lives and the number of points collected. To type words, you can use both a stationary and virtual keyboard. And by pressing Enter, you can restart the game. Hangman and I glad that the words in it are modern and non-trivial. Tasks include words from the Internet space and in general Meshech expressions. Periodically, it’s annoying, but when you get into the taste of this fresh look, it starts to like. Management:

Guess the letters from the keyboard

Enter to restart the game

Click on the Hint screen to get a hint

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