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The game “HappyTrailz.io” is a contest of emoto on the paper game arena. The essence and tasks are similar to the popular Toy i.P. toy. Choose your smile and start the fight for the territory. The strategy is simple – you need to draw loops, attaching the next section to your main database. The location of all players is well monitored on the mini-map at the bottom of the screen. Here you can see where the rivals are, and what part of the space is your property.
Having climbed on the competitor’s field, try to outwit him and surround him. But if, the enemy touches your path, then your hero will perish. Play with cute and funny smileys is very fun and exciting. The game “HappyTrailz.io” revived the long-known story with original skins. Control: WASD keys or keyboard arrows, QEZC switch diagonally.

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