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Game «Hexagor.io» is the favorite of games-Io. Now their number is difficult to count, because almost every day in the market there is something fundamentally new, and you should again be surprised and learn the rules so as not to hit the dirt face, playing games with the same gamers like you. It’s okay, it’s really interesting, at least for the example of this application. The developers did not upset any users who were eagerly awaiting something unusual. With Agario, this multiplayer has nothing in common, except for the prefix IE, but it’s just a given. The main characters are not bacteria or even machines for killing – this is a great strategy, where your intellect operates, and not instincts. Worms do not appear here either. So who is the hero? The game “Hexagor.io” did not puzzle on this matter, and made you the main person involved in the action. In your power to conduct the finest calculation of operations, think through the moves and choose which way to turn, so that your state remains unharmed and unharmed. Of course, there are a lot of enemies and rivals here, but any io-multiplayer is built on this. Alone, the whole essence of toys would be lost. To expand the borders, seize other people’s territories. Without this, in any way, because almost all available chernozems are already divided, and in order to somehow develop, it is necessary to extract the necessary resources for comfort by deceiving them. And the most useful of them, of course, is the earth. Become the sole owner of the local government, most likely it will not work, but who said that because of this, we must give up attempts? Choose the direction: the capital, the forest, the towers, the military camp, and forward.

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