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Have you been searching for an interesting virtual puzzle with many features? Then the extraordinary game “Hextris io” for you. You have a huge field for activities here, which at first is easy and confused. Undoubtedly, you will understand the rules in time, especially if you played in the old good Tetris. Fun fun in its essence reminds once a popular toy, but is more elaborate, improved and with improved graphics. After running the application, a bright polygon appears before you, which you will manage to succeed. Above, as usual, will be falling elements of a variety of shapes, which you will mellow into a holistic picture. But you can not move and rotate these blocks in Hextris io. To each of them fell into the niche allocated to it, it is necessary to move the hexagon itself and thus catch the falling figures. The speed of the fall of the blocs is constantly increasing, so it is necessary to think quickly enough and react quickly to the current situation. If the fragment has landed not where it is necessary, then it is impossible to correct this mistake, and the game will offer you to start all over again with new forces and acquired skills. Do not think that everything will go like clockwork, sometimes even a professional can not cope with this task. But, the main thing is not to give up, act purposefully and then, of course, achieve excellent results and get a lot of fun. Good luck!

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