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The next and the game “Hookem.io” strikes with its originality. Before you are not some kind of ball, but something vague with a hook. This figure in the form of a disk is very interesting for its abilities.
He has a long chain with a pointed end that protrudes from the inside and is the main weapon. In addition, there are additional opportunities for protection and attack. To play, first, familiarize yourself with the control and monitoring system. Then choose an object of a certain color, and assign it a nickname.
Now you can go to the battle arena. There are whole places of small and large stars that will replenish your energy reserve if you support them. Once on the battlefield will be your rivals, start your hunt. Your task is to pick up on the edge of the enemy and tighten it. Inflict maximum damage to the enemy and gain points. Take care of your life and restore your life potential in time.
The game «Hookem.io» – a traditional Io multiplayer, which has a rating table and chat. Since it is in beta testing mode, there is also a constant connection with the developers, where you can express your wishes. We wish you pleasant rest and entertainment. Good luck!

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