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Jump higher, eat sweets, but beware of sharp spikes! The game “Jagged.fun” is a great entertainment for the whole family. Choose your hero and forward, towards danger and adventure. These funny multicolored monsters are awful sweeties. A tasty pirozhenki that are scattered on the playing surface will not leave anyone indifferent. It’s easy to play, control the mouse, any child will cope without much effort.
The game “Jagged.fun” is a bright and entertaining clicker with cute monsters. You just need to click with the left mouse button, and send your ward for another delicious. Pleasant music and a funny chomp of a pretty creature will cheer up and appeal to adults and kids. The main thing – do not get on the spines, which are at the top and bottom of the screen. After hitting and painfully pricked, our little guy will fall down, getting an unpleasant injury. But it does not matter. Continue your actions in the same order, gain prize points and move to the next level. The received balls accumulate, so do not be afraid to lose them.

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