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Koichan.io is a simulator of fish life. It will be necessary to grow the biggest and healthy fish in the aquarium and there is no need to fight here. But there is one but.

How to play :

The main task in Koichan.io is to grow the biggest fish, earn levels and open new skins! To grow, you need to collect colored pieces of food. And that’s the whole trouble. Some food is poisonous. See the picture below. Green pieces of food in Koichan.io and I can not be – poison. In the lower left corner there is a white bar of your health. Once you swallow the poison, your health will decrease to zero. Zero is death. To stop the poison, you need to eat a white ball as soon as possible. In the future, the health bar will gradually grow up. There is an assumption that other colored balls also mean something. After some balls, the fish significantly accelerates. Maybe it will be like in Super Snake where every type of food is something da means. With other players in Koichan.io you can not fight. This is a game of record, because the more and faster you become, the more likely that you grab the poison. So the tension only increases, and setting a record here is very difficult!

Control: The fish moves behind the cursor

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