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Do you want to test yourself and your abilities? Then try a novelty! The new i game “”, where you need to stay alive for the victory, as long as possible, will surely interest you. The developer gave her another amusing title “The floor is lava”, from which it is clear that the most dangerous place on the game arena is the bottom surface. Touching the lava, your character will certainly die, so you need to avoid falling into the abyss longer. This toy is a bit like an old, only in an improved version.
Play will be a mouse, moving the mouse cursor in the direction where the impulse should receive. To become a leader, you need to train hard and persistently, using your own tactics and strategy, competing with other gamers from different countries. The game “” is not only the speed of reaction, but also logic and ingenuity. Call your friends and be the best. Have a nice rest. Good luck.

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