Spread the love – game series IO, multiplayer for players from around the world. Your hero is a snail, similar to a worm, with white eyes that needs to be enlarged in size. The action takes place on a limited outlined field, where other worms operate. In order to kill the enemy, you need to leave a trail, which will come across a teardrop. And the points on which the worm will fall can be eaten. In addition, there are a lot of other food on the territory, represented by different crumbs. It is possible to cut into each other, this does not affect the process. Develop your hunting strategy, make traps and do not fall into the trap of another participant. Do not touch the traces of the enemy and the walls that localize the territory of life.
First, you can select a background, a server and give a name to your snail. Apply a quick reaction and grow the biggest and most powerful Limax!
Mouse – guide the cochlea
Mouse hold – leave a trace

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