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Losts.io invites us to live a primitive man whose goal is to win a piece of land, and ideally become a powerful ruler of all lands!

How to play: The gaming challenge in Losts.io is to seize as much territory as you can. At the end of the rounds, you get the prize money, having accumulated which you can buy your character new weapons, bandages and other tattoos that will allocate him from others. They do not affect your abilities during the game, just decorate. After you leave your home zone in Losts.io, your stick draws a line. When you return to any of your hexes, the line closes, and the looped territory becomes yours. But you have to guard it, because other players can easily take yours! You can defeat the enemy at the moment when he draws a line. To do this you need to cut his own line. Note that on your territory you go without having to draw anything. So at home you can defend yourself more easily! Click on this icon in the main menu of Losts.io to enter the character customization menu. There you will see how much money you have saved, and you can choose everything that you have enough money for, or just ask the price, how much you’ll save!

Control: The character moves behind the cursor

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