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Magicks io invites us to participate in the creation of the magical Order and looks at the games in new ways with the extraction of resources and the subsequent construction.

How to play:

The main task in Magix Io is the control of territories, which are called Zones (Zone). Total in the game 9 Zones – nine worlds. In order to capture the Zone, you need to build on it your magic Order. This is a special sphere, which can only be one in the Zone. If the Order is already there, you need to destroy it and only then you can build your own. Order you need in order to be able to make further construction in the territory of this Zone. The Order in Magix and I cost 8 Crystals and 8 Trees. First you need to extract these resources, destroying trees or stones with Crystals inside. In total, your inventory can carry 16 items. So to build the Order, you completely kill it with the Tree and Crystals in half, and then create a spell to build the Order. There is no value to where you stick a sphere – from anywhere in space it will control the entire Zone. There is a meaning only in terms of defense. Those people who approach the sphere of the Order and click on it immediately join it. This means that if you build a door, only the members of the Order can pass through them. All the rest will have to be destroyed to pass through. Magicks io invites players to learn magic spells to create a real battle of wizards, as in Harry Potter. To learn the spell in Magicks io you need to find the Statue, go to it closely, having 4 crystals in the inventory and click on it. You paid 4 Crystals and bought a spell. Now go to the inventory and double-click to activate the scroll with the spell. Now you have learned it. The more spells you learn, the more effectively you can fight in the open spaces of the game. Many spells in Magix io ​​are compound. It is very easy to compose them. You see 7 basic elements in the bottom of the screen. When you click on one of the elements, you will see if you can continue to compose a spell based on it or not. If you can not, then you will not see anything. And if you click and see that the choice of elements continues, then by simple set of elements you will compose a spell. For example, to build an Order, you need to click on 7, then on 5, then again on 7, on 5, on 7 for 5 and again on 7. In short, fill this sequence with all your empty slots of the active spell. It’s easier to do than to tell, so try it. And as you find new spells, you can make new sequences. In Magix, you can only make up those spells that you have learned! So, build the Order, grab the Zones with your friends and wander in search of new spells. According to the author of the game, at the moment only 10% of the global idea for creating an excellent game is realized, which will not be similar to others and in which “every action of the player will have a response from the outside world” – a quote. Well, let’s see!

Control: Choice of elements by clicking or on numbers 1-7

Spacebar to reset the spell

Click to use

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