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Massacre io invites us to take part in the battle not for life and death. With one knife we ​​start this way, but on the road we can collect more significant weapons.

How to play :

The main task in the Boyne is to fill as many frags as possible. To do this, you must wither your enemies in all available ways. The inscriptions on the map will show you the direction in which you need to go to pick up grenades, small arms and cartridges to it. the rest of this shooter is very simple. The weapons are in boxes that need to be broken in order to get what they are looking for. Note that you will be hitting and accelerating in the direction of the cursor, although you can go in a different direction. Understanding this will improve your results in Massacre io

Controls: WASD to move

Spacebar for jerk

Click to hit Right click to use the weapon

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