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Attention! The candy battle begins! A new io game “” will reveal the strongest! Today you can compete and compete with players from different countries and continents in real time. Famous fun “three in a row” is now available in multiplayer mode. Pleasant musical accompaniment, excellent graphics allows you to get real pleasure from the gameplay. After choosing a fight, wait for another participant or compete with the computer. You can defeat an opponent by following the following goals.
First, score the points below, for example 200 points. Secondly, to collect two randomly selected caramels, the specified number of times. Stack on 3, 4 or 5 sweets horizontally or vertically. You need to act as quickly as possible to get ahead of your opponent. You will play at the bottom of the screen, and another gamer at the top. Mouse control. Game «» – the original multiplayer, which continues a series of popular puzzles. Call friends, and become the best among them. Good luck!

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