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Do you want to have a combat robot? The new game “” – your chance to get into the future and win a place in the sun. To do this, register and then select a card. Your Supermech will be in the arena amidst the ruins of a space station or on a test site in the desert. Your mission is clear and simple. We’ll have to mercilessly destroy our enemies, find supplies of weapons and ammunition, recover with the help of first-aid kits, and even use spare parts from the defeated enemy.
To play in the company of children from different countries is great and exciting. In the fight against a real opponent, you can beat it all in sight, and climb to the highest step in the ranking. To control the movement you will use the WASD keys, open the fire with the left click, set the shield on the right, double accelerate, and apply the space for the hull blow. Game «» – a great shooter, which will please children and adults. Call friends and have fun. Fight and win. Good luck.

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