Spread the love is a group of robots assembled in a rather tight hangar to find out who has the strongest armor. It so happened that in the same hangar is a warehouse of weapons and ammunition, so it will be hot!

How to play :

The main task in is to score as many points as possible during the round. To do this, there is simple management, a lot of weapons right on the battlefield and enough opponents to earn those same points. In order to win in Meharen I need to constantly and shoot a lot, hide behind natural barriers. It is important to know that grenades and the bomb “tsar bomb” are able to fly over fences and to hit opponents behind them. In this game, you should think about the attack and the defense. The weapon appears constantly in the same places and, if possible, it is worthwhile to be quickly accessible to the shields, which will increase your chances of winning. Strong weapons and bombs will reflect the attacks of many rivals.

Controls: WASD to move

Click to shoot

Right click – use selected weapons

E to take up arms

Tab to view the score of the round

Esc to escape from the battlefield

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