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There was another clone of the famous Agario – the game “”. Everything is almost the same, but the difference is a large number of bots that you can control. When you run it, you can select additional conditions. To do this, put the birds where you need them. You can play on both light and dark backgrounds. Indicate the mass of your ball. If desired, you can not show names and skins at all. It all depends on your preferences. If you want, indicate the boundaries of the playing field, and even skip statistics.
The game “” will certainly find its fans who like to find unique variants of the long-familiar game to establish themselves there. This multiplayer units guys from all over the world. Now do not strain, pay money and register. It is enough to just go in and start. Here no one knows you and only by their skill you can earn popularity and high place in the rating table. Below is a map where you can see your location at the moment.
This helps to navigate in space, reacting in time to the approach of the enemy. And in the rest – everything also. We increase our volumes and absorb competitors. However, upon reaching a critical level, your warder will crumble into dozens of small balls, which will immediately be eaten by a more nimble rival. Entertain yourself in the company of gamers from different countries and become one of the best on this list. Good luck and new victories!

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