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This is suddenly a multiplayer game in stone-scissors-paper. The author decided to pleasantly surprise everyone and do something that a simple user can not think of and is not really possible to think about. And, for the joy of everyone, he did it!

How to play :

The main goal in is to win the fight of the minds. To do this, you will need to rely heavily on intuition. The rules of the game are very insidious, but Pts are well thought out so that I want to applaud standing. To win the game, you need to take the most victory points by guessing how the rest of the world will vote. If most people choose a stone/scissors / paper – any option – then this option will win. But at the same time, if you are the only one to choose an option for which no one else voted, you will also get a point. In order to vote, you need to click on one of the options and wait for the timer to go to zero. Winning, you get a +1 point. If you continue the series of guesses, then the next victory brings you 1 point more. Thus, if you have guessed 4 times in a row, then 5e guessing will bring you already as much as 5 points. If you make a mistake, then only one point will be written off from you. But the winning streak will have to be re-created. The author of is very cunning. He understands that if everyone voted for, say, scissors, and they won, then next time you can vote for the same option and win. Therefore! If more than 90% of the players vote for the same option as in the previous time, then instead of winning it will lose and with each of the voters will write off as much as 10 penalty points. And the thing that beats this object (according to the original rules: if it’s scissors, then beats their stone, etc.), those who voted for this option get twice as many points as usual. Now briefly the main points of Win the position for which the most players voted If you gave a vote for anything single in the whole world, you got 1 point. A series of wins will increase your points but will fold when the first defeat occurs. If more than 90% of the players voted for the same, for which they voted the previous time, then they have imposed a fine of 10.

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