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The game “” is a collection of mini-games where you can have a great time. It includes: Chistmas Town; Halloween and Hat Hat. Each toy is multiuser and has guest mode and registration if desired. Once in the “Christmas Town” immediately encounter with ordinary people and evil zombies, against which you will have to fight and defend yourself. Traveling to different parts of the map with their structures and transitions, to hide from enemies and attack will be very funny.
The rating is tracked in the table on the upper right, at the left is a chat room where you can communicate with the other participants. “Halloween” is a separate location, where it is possible to test your abilities and reaction speed. Another option is the “Hat”, where you will move by the letters themselves. The game “” is a unique combination of various modifications, where there is a choice between the variations of io game. Control the movement with the WASD keys, select the direction with the mouse, and shoot with the left click.

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