Spread the love is a multiplayer game. In fact, this is the RTS. Only instead of the usual soldiers, there will be a whole beehive of hellish bees!
How to play :

The main task in Bees is to create as large a hive as possible with the largest number of worker bees. It is the number of bees that go into the ranking among players. In total, you will have as many workers as you like and only the Uterus, which must be protected.
Ute in the Bee Io, there are four actions that she will develop a hive. – collect all bees near the uterus

New Hive – create new hive cells next to existing ones

Lay Egg (available when you select a hive cage) – put the larva in the selected cage

Attack – Attack
Before you attack anyone, it’s wise to get together (Swarm). If you play a single game, then you will attack a huge hornet, and if in a multi-player, then the other players.
Each working bee in Monarchies io knows how to do three things. Click on the bee and you will see all three in this order: Collect pollen, Look after the larvae, Build new honeycombs. A working bee is a robot. What function will you assign to her, this she will perform, distracting perhaps to the attack from the uterus?
Logic Bee Io this: workers collect pollen. Pollen is clogged in honeycombs and, as it ripens, a cell with honey will form. The bee – the nurse will take this piece of honey and feed them the larva, after which the larva will turn into a working bee. Many worker bees = Profit! Good luck with this difficult matter of building a hive!

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