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Monster Kill is an original and full-featured 3D shooter, in which you have to crush hordes of zombies wave after wave. In the first wave you will be attacked by one zombie, in the second – two and so on. The more you manage to withstand, the better, the benefit, the cartridges are infinite and you do not even need to recharge.

How to play: The only challenge in Monster Kill is to survive as much as possible. For this you need to shoot back from the advancing zombies. After the next wave is final for you, your record will be inscribed on the board of achievements on the main game page. It makes it easier for the game that the ammo here is endless and the machine does not require recharging. The difficulty is that there is no way to restore health. So slowly, but the zombies will achieve their goal. It’s good to play Monsterkill with a loud enough sound to hear the sounds of enemies when bullets hit them. The fact is that the bullets fly far beyond visual visibility, and, whirling and shooting everything around, you can by sound determine in advance where zombies and even kill him without seeing.

Controls: Arrow keys for movement

Click to shoot

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