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Welcome to the game “”. “” is a browser-based multiplayer game. Here, you can play along with other players from around the globe. There are many servers in the game and you can choose whatever you want. So, at the beginning of the game you will have a choice between two animals – the mouse. And shrimp. Choose the beast that you will be comfortable pumping and into battle! In the “” on the map alternate zones of land and water. Water animals will feel great in the water, but on land they will quickly spend water supplies. Water animals are usually more quickly pumped. What about the land animals, they feel great, both on land and in water. Only in the water they do not move so fast. Any animal can dive in the ocean, and on land to throw out circles with water. On the bottom of the game are two bands – small and large. A small bar is an indicator of the water of your character. If your animal’s water runs out, it will die. To avoid this, you must collect the blue circles or go to the pond. If the road to the water is very long, then you can throw a little water on land and eat it while traveling, so as not to perish. But a large band is an indicator of mass. As soon as you fill it with eating red circles – berries, you can evolve from the initial animal into a larger specimen, whether it’s a water animal or a land animal. As soon as you change your character, your diet will become more diverse. For example, after a mouse or shrimp, you can become a rabbit. Then he can eat not only berries, but also mice and shrimp. The better your animal will be pumped, the more diverse will be its diet. But do not forget that you can become a victim of a beast of the highest rank, so try not to fall for them in the teeth. Agility, cunning and evolution will make you a winner. Have a good game!

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