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Morterra io is a survival style game. Unlike other games on the same topic, here you can forbid that survive by days: you just look at the record table!

How to play:

The main task in Morterre io is survival. Along the way, a score will be made of the enemies you killed. As an initial task, it is to find something to eat, drink and protect from enemies. Your health here will be lowered if you are hungry, suffering from thirst or lack of sleep. And when the Karma scale approaches zero, then I cite “a sudden bad event with you may happen.” Fruits for food can be found on trees and just in the field: berries and corn. Once you have fed the fruit, you sometimes have the seeds in your backpack. To keep them out of place, you need to get rid of them. You will not be able to take inventory of new items if it is scored. But if you find a more interesting application for seeds in the Morterra Io than a simple ejection, then use it. To drink, find the pond. It is marked with a blue dot on the mini map, which will make it easier for you to search. Stones and Sticks are used in Morterra io to fight against other players. It is also possible to break down the cobblestones on the map to take minerals and sharpened fragments. The general rules are that if you can take the item in your hand – take it. If after that you can interact with other objects – fine! The main thing is to benefit.

Controls: W and S to move

Click to interact

Right click to reset

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