Spread the love is a novelty that immerses a player into the mud world. The task is to maximally improve the tank and become invincible. Build tunnels and collect gold, buy upgrades, kill enemies. In order to get money from gold, you need to shoot on it until the stars are spilled from it. And the received funds can buy ammunition, protection, speed, life, healing, power, charge cartridges. At the very beginning, it is difficult to move, because there is not enough power, in such a period it is possible to get into the enemy’s trap. Carefully think through the moves, move in the direction of the jewelry and bypass the strong participants. In order to move to the next level you need to collect a certain number of points. With the rise of the stage, new opportunities appear: screen smoke and other functions.
SW – forward / backward
Mouse – to direct the tank and shoot
1-4 – additional weapons

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