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The game “NBK.io” is a continuation, or rather a regular clone, of all the familiar Agario. If you expect something fundamentally unusual, then you are not here. But be sure that here you can find its own flavor and uniqueness. Funny skins, new opportunities and a pleasant company of players from different points of our planet – that’s what awaits you today. Come and settle in the vastness of this toy.
Your ball must grow continuously at the expense of food and its competitors. Entering the struggle for existence, remember that you are not alone here. And in a moment you can turn from a hunter into a victim. To prevent this from happening, attack first, but quickly move away from a larger enemy. The game “NBK.io”, like any of this series, is multi-user. So show your real-time abilities with live gamers. It will be fun to play, so start, not hesitating for a second. Good luck!

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