Spread the love is a cool fast io game, where you will need to collect resources, buy ships for your army and take out other players. The more ships you have in your fleet, the easier it will be to gather resources and build new ones! Well, you understand, the eternal buzz 🙂

How to play:

The main task of and I take the top line rating. Initially, you are given two ships and, in order to buy more, you will need to assemble a number of resources. You can get them by destroying asteroids of the appropriate color. A total of 3 of them Ships shoot automatically, so your job is to find the right asteroid and try to stay close to it. On the resources you can buy new ships for the fleet. The bottom left corner indicates the amount of resources to purchase the next ship. Once you have a sufficient amount, press 1 and the new ship will immediately go to your disposal. So far, looks quite simple, but we forgot something. Opponents! And they are not asleep, because there are few resources, and there are many players and resources are needed for everyone. So be careful, do not forget the danger for a moment, watch all the corners of the screen. In addition, you can try to destroy the enemies, preferably those who are less. Use a speed boost to suddenly attack a weaker opponent, or to get your feet off from a stronger one.

Management in

Move using arrows

To accelerate, use Spacebar

Digit 1 for buying a new ship

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